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          Jan 15, 2020

          Principled Artificial Intelligence

          Mapping Consensus in Ethical and Rights-based Approaches to Principles for AI More

          Ethics and Governance of AI
          Jan 7, 2020

          Berkman Klein is Hiring Summer 2020 Interns!

          Applications are due Sunday, March 15th by 5 PM EST More

          Dec 2, 2019

          Apply for our 2020-2021 Fellowship Program

          Applications Due January 31, 2020 More


          The latest news and commentary from our community.

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          The Evil List: Which tech companies are doing the most harm?

          BKC fellow Mutale Nkonde responded to Slate with her views on Alphabet

          Jan 15, 2020

          How To Spot Fake News

          Joan Donovan participated in a panel of scholars who study media manipulation, digital resources, and the spread of…

          Jan 13, 2020
          Columbia Journalism Review

          YouTube and Radicalization

          Joan Donovan talks with Mathew Ingram of Columbia Journalism Review

          Jan 11, 2020
          Foreign Policy

          China Isn’t the Only Problem With 5G

          The network has plenty of other security weaknesses, including ones the U.S. doesn’t want to fix since they help its…

          Jan 10, 2020

          Tech companies tried to help us spend less time on our phones. It didn’t work.

          Ethan Zuckerman adds to the discussion about whether concerns about “time well spent” are overblown.

          Jan 9, 2020
          Jefferson Public Radio

          Over-sharing Your Kids In The Social Media Age

          Faculty associate Leah Plunkett joins The Jefferson Exchange to discuss the problems with parents creating a…

          Jan 8, 2020
          Interpreting India

          Applications and Ethics of AI with Chinmayi Arun

          Chinmayi Arun in conversation about the applications of AI and the ethical debates surrounding its use on the podcast…

          Jan 8, 2020
          Business Insider Singapore

          Facebook just banned deepfakes, but the policy has loopholes

          Danielle Citron advised Facebook on the new policy and sees it as fair, but would like to see more policies banning…

          Jan 7, 2020

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          AI: Educational Activities

          The Berkman Klein Center has worked to build a robust community and institutional activities leveraging the University… More

          AI: Algorithms and Justice

          The use of algorithms in the judiciary has already raised significant questions about bias and fairness, and looking… More

          AI: Autonomous Vehicles

          As vehicles become more automated vehicles, we consider potential impacts on labor, questions about governance, bias,… More

          AI: Media and Information Quality

          As autonomous systems play an increasing role in selecting the content we see online, questions arise about AI's… More

          The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is dedicated to exploring, understanding, and shaping the way we use technology

          The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative seeks to support the evolution of AI in the public interest through research, community-building, and education.

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          Feb 18, 2020

          "Everything is better with better broadband" featuring Christopher Ali

          The United States spends $6billion a year on rural broadband deployment, and yet the digital divide may be growing… More

          Feb 12, 2020

          From JD to Data Science: A Case Study in AI and Law

          Zac Kriegman describes his path from a Harvard JD to a data science career focused on deep learning. More

          Dec 2, 2019

          To Unsafe Harbors: How the new EU Copyright Directive Will Change the Web

          Former Member of the European Parliament reflects on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market More

          Nov 21, 2019

          Between Truth and Power: The Legal Constructions of Informational Capitalism

          VIDEO & PODCAST: Julie Cohen explores the?relationships between legal institutions and political and?economic… More